"My arthritic knee was causing me quite some discomfort and quite severely restricting my movements. An Arthroscopy hadn't really helped and Mr Wilson suggested an Osteotomy which, following his explanation, I agreed to proceed with. With the help of physiotherapy and following a six week programme of gradual increased movement in the knee, I began to rebuild strength in the leg and, within five months of the operation was climbing the Great Wall of China and keeping up with my similar aged companions. This is something that I would not have been able to do before the procedure and I am very grateful to Mr Wilson and his team for giving me back the mobility I had lost"




3.5 months following a Partial Knee Replacement

Below, this 61 year old gentleman, snowboarding 3.5 months following a Partial Knee Replcemeent.





I first saw Mr. Adrian Wilson in February of 2015 to get a second opinion on surgery performed elsewhere that had left me with a lot of pain and limited range of motion in my right knee. Mr. Wilson was down to earth, knowledgeable and reassuring about the possibilities for improving my situation and I decided to go under the knife once more in March 2015. Immediately after the operation I could tell that my knee had a much improved range of motion and in the subsequent months of rehab the knee continued to improve. I write this after my three month check-up and am soon to start getting back to sport - I ran and played badminton before my troubles began and am confident I will be able to get back to the activities I enjoy. Living in Peterborough, visiting Mr. Wilson is a three hour journey - but he has justified this journey every time I have seen him. He is knowledgeable, experienced and above all candid. I would have no hesitation in recommending that anyone with knee issues certainly get an opinion from him before undertaking any surgery. The lesson I have learnt, and hope I can pass on to others, is that seeing someone as expert as Mr. Wilson can make a dramatic difference to your life - you can not put a price on your own mobility.

View full testimonial here



Age: 62
Occupation: Company Director - Semi Retired
Children: 2 (26 and 24)
How was the treatment funded insurance or self pay? Insurance

When did the injury first start to trouble you?
About 9 Months before the operation took place ago. I was unable to move sharply or quickly to the ball due to pain on the inside of the right knee. The knee became very swollen after play and I was forced to play less with more recovery time.

What steps did you take?
Physiotherapy, MRI scans

How did the operation go?
About 12 years ago I had an osteotomy on the left leg as a result of similar problems with the inside of the knee so I knew what to expect with the operation on my right knee. The process was clearly explained and also the rehab process.

And the recovery?
The recovery process was quite remarkable. From the outset and immediately after the operation I experienced nominal pain and after the first couple of days almost no pain at all. I was in hospital for 4 days and returned home on crutches with some weight bearing on the operated leg. This was quite amazing and it gave me renewed confidence that I would soon be back on the tennis court.

Did you think there was a danger you would not be able to return to competitive tennis?
I have always played several sports with tennis, squash and football being the main sports I have played at a competitive not recreational level. I have played competitive tennis for over 50 years and at international, national, county and club levels. The answer was probably "a definitely maybe" before the operation but a "definite yes" after the operation and rehabilitation.

How long between leaving hospital and your first competitive match?
After the operation I initially had some physiotherapy sessions before starting work in the gym to improve the flexibility of the knee joint and also building up the muscles around the knee. I started gentle hitting after 12 weeks and gradually built this up over the next two months. I was no longer experiencing knee pain when moving up or down the court or in a lateral direction. The issue I had really related to confidence. How far to push the how quickly. Ultimately you just do it. You forget about what you are doing and go back to playing the way you use to. Yes the knee sometimes did swell up a little but that was a minor thing. I was back playing tennis. My first competitive match was about 20 weeks after the operation. Now am back playing for my County this season. Quite remarkable.

Anything you would like to add?
What was very obvious was the skills and techniques used by consultants had come a very long way since my first osteotomy (which I might add is still a success). I would like to thank Mr Adrian Wilson of the Hampshire Knee Clinic and his team for their work and professionalism and for getting me back on court again.


"Mr Wilson Thank you again for everything you did for me. Knee is actually feeling better than before the injury. I am now back kicking a ball, sprinting and turning! Attached a few videos of my progress so far. Feel free to use them if they help at all.

The first four weeks I spent doing basic exercises. Icing my knee a hell of a lot and working on range of movement. Out of the videos attached the one in the kitchen was at 4 weeks after surgery. I started running on a trampette and cycling at about 5/6 weeks. Throughout I have been progressing exercises and I'm now at the stage where I feel comfortable doing all exercises I was doing prior to the injury. (Approx 15/16 weeks after surgery).

Thank you again!



Interview at day 11 following HTO and Precision Bone Wedge


Date of Operation: 8th February 2012

Age 69yrs, Total knee joint replacement, left leg.


acl reconstruction




Golden Cap Dorset


18th October 2012


36 weeks after operation


"At Golden Cap Dorset coast"





Golden Cap Dorset



25th May 2013


67 weeks after operation


"Hadrian’s Wall, walked up from the car seen lower right!"







30th May 2013


68 weeks after operation


"First time on a tricycle for two, but only one set of pedals!"







"The knee is just great!"

















"I have had a long and complicated history of knee problems. I have tried almost everything to get rid of my medial knee pain; including ligament replacements and meniscus transplants but to no avail. I had a consultation with Mr Wilson, and he recommended a High Tibial Osteotomy, so I went to do some research.

I researched a lot of stuff on the internet and to be honest I was terrified! The operation sounded terrible. I went back to Mr Wilson and he discussed with me that the operation had moved on with a new bone wedge from the bone bank and that I could weight bear strait away, so we both agreed to do it and booked the operation for the 14th of January 2015.

I arrived and had a few x-rays then was lead to the operating theatre. I awoke in a bit of pain but that was soon addressed with pain relief, a few hours after the operation I was in no pain and eating dinner. I had a great night sleep and awoke still pain free and ready for physiotherapy. I was discharged the next day on crutches and some pain relief.

In the first two weeks I rested and kept up with my pain relief. Week three and four, I was still using my crutches outside but only one at home. By week six I was off crutches and down the gym on the bike, rowing machine and also lifting weights on the leg press. It is now week 10 and I'm back to work in a fairly physical job, I still feel some pain over the plate but I can kneel on it and a few pain killers help me through the day. My knee is getting better by the day, stronger and I feel I soon will be back to normal and with a big improvement of my previous symptoms.I'm very happy with the results so far.

I'm due to have the plate out early as my bone has healed incredibly fast and Mr Wilson recommends them to be removed. I will write another update once it's removed in September.


If you are recommended for this operation I would say its no walk in the park but its no way near as bad as you may read!! And you will be up and walking pain free in no time."



"In March 2010 I thought life as I knew it had come to an end! I thought that the nasty skiing accident, where the scans showed I ruptured my Anterior Cruciate Ligament and tore my medial ligament and PCL, had robbed me of any further sporting activity.

I was introduced to Adrian Wilson as an expert in the reconstruction of knee ligaments. Adrian explained that he had created knew implements to ensure that the new ligament was implanted in the exact position of the old and that the results would be considerably more favourable. My operation took place in December 2010.

We discussed me writing a reference and I agreed after the surgery. It has taken me until now to write this as I wanted to be sure that all the activities I had formerly carried out were ones I could confidently continue to do.

2½ years on I feel I am there. This is not because the operation has taken that much time to heel, but because I am not completely confident in the knee. Adrian has clearly done a fantastic job and mentally I now trust it! I am now back to playing cricket, golf, tennis amongst all the sports my children want to play. I will ski again, but the children are not of the right age yet!

The whole process with Adrian and his team has been second to none. From the pre-op, through the operation to the post-op it has all gone very smoothly. Adrian has always explained the process very thoroughly and always answered any questions I might have.

All in all I am very pleased with the result and would recommend those unfortunate enough to be in the same position to go and see Adrian."



"I would like to thank Mr Adrian Wilson & the whole team at The Hampshire Clinic that helped with my ACL reconstruction.

From the MRI, consultations, the Operation and all the Aftercare & Physio everyone has been supportive and very welcoming.

I only had the operation 4 months ago and still have some recovery to get through, but I already notice such a huge difference in the knee. It feels stronger and so much more stable now and even more so than my other knee. I no longer worry about my knee giving way spontaneously and carry carry on with day to day life with confidence.

I persevered before with an inconvenience of a bad knee and didn't want to "bother" the doctors about as I thought it was just a "minor problem". When I eventually relented and seeked help and was put in touch with Mr Wilson, he and his team showed plenty of attention and care and reassured me every step of the way.

I only wish I had of gone to them sooner and not put off going to see the doctors especially as I now see what a difference this surgical procedure has made to me.

This gave me the confidence to put my trust in them to help me, and as I'm due to have my other knee operated on I am worry free being in their VERY capable hands."



"I am emailing in to say a huge thank you. I cannot thank my consultant Mr Wilson enough for my partial knee replacement, after only five weeks I am already feeling the benefits. With my exercise plan from the excellent Physiotherapy department I know I will soon be fully recovered and going about my everyday life, free from the pain of osteoarthritis in this knee.

A thank you as well to the nursing staff on Loddon ward, nothing was too much trouble for them. A week after discharge I received an unexpected phone call checking to make sure that I was well, my wound was healing ok and that I hadn't had too much pain. I was pleased to say that I was well, my wound was healing nicely and I had had no pain thanks to good pain relief administered while in hospital and pain relief advice on discharge.

I will be going back for the same procedure on my other knee at some point and I know I will receive excellent treatment from everyone.

If you need a knee replacement I can thoroughly recommend having it done at The Hampshire Clinic."



"I have had problems with both knees for over 40 years.

Having had a lateral cartilage totally removed from my right knee when I was 17 and thereafter numerous other arthroscopic procedures on both knees at 59 my quality of life was suffering.

Having moved back to Basingstoke 18 months ago I researched knee surgeons and decided Adrian Wilson was the best man for me to see. Other surgeons had suggested the only solution for me with both knees degenerating as a result of arthritis, was two full knee replacements.

In particular my left knee was very troublesome. I was able to walk on level ground but any undulations or in particular going down hills was becoming very painful for me to do. I could no longer play golf, kneel, sitting in a confined space such as an aeroplane or theatre was also very difficult.

My knee was very painful when lying down and first thing in the morning. At times I would have to take pain relief to get me through the day.

Adrian Wilson arranged for X-rays and suggested exploratory arthroscopic surgery in order to ascertain the best options. The result was my left knee would be suitable for an Osteotomy and my right leg requires a partial knee replacement rather than a full one.

The osteotomy was done on 4th January, 2012 and I was in hospital for 3 nights. During this time I received pain medication and started my physiotherapy.

The first few weeks were difficult in adapting to using crutches but as I could see progress very quickly I remained very positive about the eventual outcome. I was both doing the given exercises at home as well as having physio twice a week. My movement in the knee quickly stated to come back.

I would like to emphasise the amount of pain medication I was on for the first few weeks was very minimal and after 3 weeks I was taking nothing at all.

I remained on crutches for 8 weeks which maybe was a little longer than I needed but the outcome after 5 months is as follows.

I can do anything I need to do such a walking without restrictions, kneeling, riding a bike, playing with my grandchildren, sitting in confined spaces such as I cinema or plane without any problems and yes totally pain free without the need for any pain medication."



"I am a reasonably young guy of 44, who had had an active sports life for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed all sports, playing a lot of rugby at various representative levels, as well as being a keen squash player. Having overcome a split right patella at the age of 8, I have never let myself be deterred by bodily aches and pains, but over the years, the pain in both knees became more than just niggles that would come and go, and became less and less bearable. After numerous arthroscopies, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and discovered that most of my joint cartilage in my left knee was worn away, leaving me with a bone on bone joint.

While investigating the various options available to me, from stem cell technology to full or partial knee replacements, I came across Mr Adrian Wilson at the Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke, who introduced me to the osteotomy option. The appeal of the osteotomy was the fact that the knee was left intact and therefore it wasn’t preventing any subsequent knee treatment in the future. Most knee replacements only have a 10 year lifespan, and the fixing involves reducing the original skeleton, which makes future surgery problematic.

Ultimately, I wanted to give myself a chance of several decades of active life ahead, so was not keen on reducing bone structure at the joint. I was also keen to buy myself some time, in the hope that new techniques will develop which could help me in the future. So the osteotomy option seemed best for me. Yes, the procedure is pretty invasive, but I am so pleased with the outcome. The change of alignment of my left tibia has allowed me to continue to enjoy life to the full with my two young children, running and playing with them.

I am back at the gym feeling fitter than ever and hope to start playing tennis soon; this is 15 months after the procedure. As an indirect outcome of the osteotomy, the pain that I was experiencing in the right knee has stopped and therefore has delayed any further surgery on this knee.

For a procedure that is not particularly well documented or regarded as a suitable alternative to knee replacements, I couldn’t recommend it enough, or the team that work with Mr Wilson in delivering life changing results, which it was for me."



"Having decided to start playing tennis at the age of 45 and after two previous arthroscopies on my right knee I should have known better, however play I did so it wasn’t long before I developed some pain on the right hand side of my left knee this time.

Having moved to a new area and not being close to previous surgeons I was referred to Mr Adrian Wilson at the Hampshire Clinic. Mr Wilson instantly knew what the problem was after a very comprehensive consultation and made me feel very relaxed about the impending surgery that was going to be necessary.

On the day of the surgery Mr Wilson met me to explain what he was going to do and how long he thought it would take. The surgery took little over an hour under general anaesthetic and after two hours I was released from the Hospital.

I was told not to use crutches and given several exercises to do. After one week I visited the Physiotherapist who gave me several different exercises and I was back at the gym doing non-impact exercises after two weeks. After one month I was fully back to the gym.

I am very pleased to have located Mr Adrian Wilson and his team and would not hesitate to return to him if I am unfortunate enough to suffer further issues.

A big thanks to Mr Wilson / Debbie and all the team."



"For anyone reading this who may feel uncertain or anxious about the idea of a knee replacement procedure, I hope you find the next paragraph or two reassuring and encouraging.

I came to Mr Wilson after 4 years of pain in my knees and 2 years of real mobility limitations. I had gained a significant amount of weight and could no longer ski, my passion in life. At 50 years of age I felt like an old lady and my motivation to do anything was low and my sleep patterns constantly disturbed by pain.

When Mr Wilson talked to me about knee replacement surgery I was reluctant as I had heard so many negative stories about knee surgery generally.

All I can say is that just TWO WEEKS on from my left knee partial replacement I am a different person. The entire experience has been positive and progressive. I can already feel a new flexibility in my knee and have a rotation that I had long thought lost.

The entire procedure was carefully managed and although the first few days, of course, are somewhat painful, with the right pain management and faithful attention to the physio exercises, each day gets easier.

I can honestly say that I wish I had done this two years ago. I cant wait to get the second replacement done and get back to a normal life.

My confidence level in Mr Wilson and his team is really high and his energy, expertise, confidence and encouragement, has made the whole experience incredibly positive.

I would encourage anyone who has been in constant pain, whose activities have been limited by their knee problems, and who wants to regain an active life, to approach a replacement with enthusiasm rather than trepidation - there's a life to be lived out there and you don't need to be in pain whilst you live it to the full.

(But you must do your exercises!!)"



"Of course anyone would be apprehensive about having surgery on painful knees and especially on both within 5 weeks of each other. However, after only 3 months since the first surgery, I am able to skip down the stairs without holding onto anything, something I just never thought I would do again. It is not without some discomfort, but as I have found throughout the procedure, I am improving each week. The tightness and restriction of movement improves, and with excellent physiotherapy and determination, I am looking forward to a more active, year and future, than I have experienced for the past two years.

If asked if I would recommend this surgery, I would have to say 'yes', after two years of constant pain everything is positive."



"Following my high tibial osteotomy on the 21st June 2010. I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful work you carried out on my knee. I am now virtually pain free for at least the last two months. I am back in the gym regularly and cycle most weekends with no pain or reaction. I have none of the symptoms I had prior to my operation ie severe pain when driving, the pain I suffered on a nightly basis causing many a sleepless night and the pains I had that started in my knee and radiated to my hip,back and ankle.

I must admit I was not prepared for the amount of post operative pain and I agree that you do have to put a lot of effort in to get the results you require. It has all been worth it and I now have my quality of life back and am able to get on with the things that my family and I enjoyed before my knee problems arose.

I would thoroughly recommend this procedure to anyone with the same problems as myself.

Once again thank you and all you team so much."



Progress 6 Weeks Post Op Left Knee Opening Wedge HTO

"I write in the hope it will be of use to anyone considering a HTO to relieve painful OA in the knee. I am a 48 yr old male who has suffered from medial compartment OA pain for over 5 years in both knees.

Previously, arthroscopic surgery (repairing meniscus tears and debridements) had relieved symptoms for a time. Unfortunately, a third arthroscopy to the left knee in April this year had failed to relieve symptoms and I was in so much pain in and around the knee that by September I could no longer continue to work. During this time I had read articles on osteotomy surgery on the Knee Guru Information hub. As a result, I asked my GP for a referral to Mr Adrian Wilson at the Hampshire Knee Clinic in Basingstoke to assess suitability for a HTO.

Mr Wilson preformed the HTO on 12 Oct and I was discharged 4 days later. Pain control post Op was achieved with Tramadol and Paracetamol. I found I could get around using two crutches fairly well the day after the Op with some discomfort. However, bed did feel like the best place to be for the first 5 days or so. I found that with the medication I was pain free whilst in bed with only minimal discomfort moving the limb to carry out the recommended exercises. Bruising was fairly extensive all over the leg but swelling around the knee was no worse than after an arthroscopy. Keeping the area iced using the Cryocuff helped.

By the beginning of week 2, I found I could get around quite well using two crutches with little discomfort. I had 3 hydrotherapy sessions which were great to stretch out the ankle and calf. As soon as the dressings were removed I swam daily. At the end of the second week I was on a static exercise bike and was able to cycle on light load for 10 mins and use a rowing machine. Slow but steady improvements on both pieces of equipment have continued and I can now cycle 10K and row for 2000 meters without pain. (Better than Pre Op)

By Week 3 I was using 1 crutch around the house and had dispensed with crutches by Week 5. Overall, progress has been very good, I have found that the operation lets you know if you have overdone it but settles down again quickly if you stick to the experts guidelines.

For me, the procedure was in no why near as painful as I had expected from reading other accounts. Pre Op, I was awake most nights with pain from my knee, walking could be agony at times. Things are already better in that I can see improvement daily and I can get to sleep at night. I plan to be back at work within the next 2 weeks. Although it is early days, I firmly believe the procedure was the right thing for me.

In conclusion, find a surgeon who is confident in the procedure and you have confidence in. You will know when your symptoms make it the right thing for you"



"I am pleased to report that I cycled 1008 miles Lands End to John O'Groats in two weeks and climbed 19,600 metres through some of the most scenic parts of the land without so much as a twinge from the knee.

The arthroscopic meniscal debridement and microfracture operation took place 23th March and my cycling trip commenced 4th September, considering the eight weeks on crutches after surgery I think we can call the whole thing a great success"



"I spent many years telling my GPs about the bad pain in both knees, only to be told that I was 'too young' (late forties) for replacement knee surgery. My persistence and determination paid off and I eventually got referred to Adrian Wilson. Neither my age (or my diabetes) was an issue and within weeks I had my first Patella Femoral replacement. After three weeks I was back at work and we were planning the second knee replacement.

This happened three months later and again I was back at work three weeks later. Regular exercise at home and physiotherapy at the clinic meant that four months after the second operation I was on holiday swimming in the sea and walking on sand without any discomfort, which I couldn't do before the operations.

I would like to thank Adrian and his team for their help and a new lease of life. I chose to have spinal anaesthesia and opted to stay awake during both operations and Nick Jones, the anaesthetist, was particularly attentive and helpful."



"I would like to pass on my thanks to Adrian and the whole team involved in helping diagnose, investigate and treat my knee problem. The whole process from appointments, initial consultation, operation, physio and follow up was very professional and 'very joined up'.

In terms of the procedure itself, (arthroscopy and microfracture) it is clear the whole team was committed to make the experience as effective and as comfortable as possible, keeping me informed of exactly what was happening along the way.

In addition to Adrian and the team finding the cause of my problem I would also like to pass on special thanks to Nick (anaesthetist ) as I felt minimal discomfort post operation and for the subsequent days. As my recovery progresses, it’s good to know there is still that team there to support me."



"After suffering from worsening knee pain over a number of years I elected to have a distal femoral osteotomy under the supervision of Mr. Adrian Wilson in November 2010.

The procedure and associated stay in hospital was very straightforward with surgery occurring on a Wednesday afternoon and I awoke with no significant discomfort or pain and as such gained a good night's sleep. With no after effects from the anaesthetic and no significant pain I was able to leave hospital on the following Thursday morning.

With application of ice to the knee and elevation I made continued good progress over the next few weeks with modest discomfort handled by non-prescription pain killers when necessary."



"I am a Police Officer and as such have an active job which demands a level of fitness, My knee was constantly giving way and causing pain and discomfort as a result of a sports injury, there were days when I could hardly walk. I was devastated to hear that I had torn both my ACL and PLC and required surgery on both.

I was referred to Adrian Wilson who fully explained the nature of my injuries and the surgery required to resolve this. This was discussed at length with the pro's and con's. Both the ACL and PLC were reconstructed using a Ham string graft. Although I have three scars these almost unnoticeable.

Following the surgery I again had a lengthy discussion with Mr Wilson about how the surgery had gone and how I felt, the next stages were then explained along with the recuperation and physio phases before being referred to the physio.

Again at the follow up appointments lots of explanation and advice. It is now a year and half post surgery and I am fully fit and back to running, cycling, swimming and full duties at work. Thank You."



"Having injured my knee, I was referred to Adrian Wilson, who from the outset was extremely professional, helpful and supportive.

He was calm and reassuring and always kept me informed about the procedures and was happy to answer any questions that I had. He has maintained an ongoing interest in my recovery and I would have no hesitation in recommending him"



"Having undergone an Osteotomy operation performed by Mr Wilson and his team I was surprised at how quickly I recovered from such a major operation.

After about 6 weeks I was back at work and easing myself back into playing a bit of golf. After 6 months I was regularly attending the gym and playing 18 hole golf courses and now the operation has no ill effects on my day to day life.

This was made possible by having, in my opinion the very best care before, during and after the operation. Everyone involved was extremely professional and caring, from the nurses to the physiotheripists and most importantly from Mr Wilson.

Would not hesitate in recomending Mr Wilson and his team at the Hampshire clinic."



"In February 2010, our son was representing his school at the National School's Rugby Championships when he badly injured his knee during the game. It soon became clear that William had damaged his ACL and needed to have an operation which involved drilling through his growth plates.

It is now a year that the injury occurred and he is back to the sporty young boy he was a year ago. This is all down to Adrian Wilson for whom my husband and I have both a huge gratitude and considerable admiration. If you ever find your family in the same situation and we hope you don't, we suggest you can find no better than Adrian."



Mr Adrian Wilson - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

"Following on from the operation you performed for me on 20th May 2010, I would like to convey my sincere thanks for your expertise in giving me my mobility back.

Due to a locked knee and meniscal tear I have been in pain and struggling to walk for over 6 weeks. The Arthroscopy you performed a week ago has enabled me to straighten my leg and feel positive about recovery.

Despite the short time since my operation I have little swelling and far more movement. The incisions are minimal and my recovery so far has been better than I expected.
For this please accept my thanks and I look forward confidently to the next operation to repair my ligament"



"Following a road traffic accident in 2004 I suffered several years of knee pain. In Nov 2009 I was referred to Mr Wilson who later perfomed micro fracture surgery on my left knee.

From my initial consultation I received a high standard of care and a clear insight into the required treatment. The level of personal attention from Mr Wilson was exemplary and alleviated any concerns I may have had.

I have no doubt the results of this successful procedure have improved my quality of life"



"This was my first experience of an operation as a patient, and it was with some fear and trepidation that I went into the Hampshire Clinic in May. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I need not have worried.

From the moment Mr Wilson diagnosed the problem, I found myself in the most efficient system where everything was explained clearly, all my anxieties were put to rest and I can honestly say that from the moment the anaesthetist plumped up my pillow in the anaesthetic room til I woke up in recovery, I felt totally relaxed. Every member of the team, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Radiographer, Physiotherapist and the Nursing Staff - was professional, yet approachable and kind.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Wilson's team for your surgery"



"Dear Adrian, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your team for the skill and attention I received in connection with my recent arthroscopy to remove the torn cartilage from my knee.

I know when we met 2 weeks after the op, I commented I was amazed I was able to return to work/ drive within 10 days, and now a month after the surgery my friends/colleagues are questioning whether I did actually have anything done, seeing as they seem disappointed I am not walking with a limp!

Thanks again"



"After suffering from worsening knee pain for a number of years, I elected to have a distal femoral osteotomy under the supervision of Mr Adrian Wilson in Nov 2010.

The procedure and associated stay in hospital was very straightforward with surgery occurring on a wednesday afternoon and I awoke with no significant discomfort or pain and as such gained a good night's sleep. With no after effects from the anaesthetic and no significant pain I was able to leave the hospital on the following thursday morning. With application of ice and elevation I made continued good progress over the next few weeks with modest discomfort handled by non-prescription pain killers when necessary. Thanks"


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"The AnteroLateral Ligament is a "new ligament" that was described by my friend and colleague Steven Claes in November of 2013."

Mr Wilson first heard Steven describe this in detail at a meeting in Leuven in November 2012.

"I went on to develop a technique for reconstructing this with Steven which has now been widely adopted around the globe. It involves fixing the anterolateral ligament on the outside, along with the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which runs through from the shin to the thigh"

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Mr Wilson preparing for knee surgery

Mr Wilson preparing for knee surgery

Mr Wilson carrying out knee arthroscopy surgery

Mr Wilson carrying out knee arthroscopy surgery

Mr Wilson during a knee consultation

Mr Wilson during a knee consultation

Scrub team before ACL surgery

Scrub team before ACL surgery

Mr Wilson examining a patient's knee

Mr Wilson examining a patient's knee

Setting up for knee surgery

Setting up for knee surgery

Orthopaedic consultation

Orthopaedic consultation

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Key-hole  knee surgery

Key-hole knee surgery



Arthroscopic knee surgery

Arthroscopic knee surgery

Surgical team setting up for knee surgery

Surgical team setting up for knee surgery